Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Like a Well Worn Shoe...

So I got some initial feedback from Glenn for the first draft of the book. It's a strange feeling. We first started working on Life of Reilly about ten years ago after I met Glenn at a house party and immediately we started talking about the Clone Saga; me as a fan and he as the insider. The idea for doing a behind the scenes column about the Clone Saga took root several months after that first meeting and at the time we didn't think anyone would really be interested in what we had to say, let alone still be talking about it ten years later.

We've talked since then, of course, but working together on this project after so just feels comfortable. Glenn being an editor only helps me look less ridiculous since whether he wants to edit the book or not his basic instincts immediately kick in and he starts to make improvements right off the bat. It's not Glenn's responsibility to do the final edit on this book but the working draft will look a lot better because of his imput.

It's the first time that Glenn is seeing a lot of these newer comments from the likes of Marc DeMatteis, Howard Mackie and a dozen other creators interviews for the first time in this book and their comments are of course feeding his own and kick-starting his memory.

The first stage was done last week when I put it all loosely together but the real work is far from over.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

What's This All About?

People have been asking me for updates wherever I go so I've decided to create one centralized place that I can post information directly related to the book's status.

Whether you're following this site from another post or just happened to stumble upon it, welcome.

Ever since Glenn and I wrapped up the 35 part column we felt like we could have done so much more. There were more creators to talk to, more information to discuss and of course get everyone on board and on the same page to make a definitive version of the behind the scenes goings on of one of the most controversial and popular comic stories of all time: the Spider-Man Clone Saga.

What you all really want to know about is what's going on though, right? Well now I have something to say. I've finally finished with the first edit of the book. Over the past 3 years I have been contacting all the creators and editors who worked on the Clone Saga and having them tell their side of the story, their anecdotes and their feelings. That was the fun part. The hard part was taking all of that new information (and there is A LOT of new information) and integrating it with the existing material and making it flow properly.

A few minutes ago I sent in the first pass to Glenn, my partner in crime. It's far from perfect and Glenn's watchful eye will hopefully be able to trim down the current 243 pages but I'm happy with it. I'm happy that there is now a light at the end of the tunnel and we're one major step closer in getting this book completed and in your hands.

Be sure to check out this site for your up to the minute information on our journey to get The Life of Reilly in the hands of the fans.

It won't be long now.